Take Nothing but Pictures; Leave Nothing but Your Rights: Proposed USFS Regulations May Violate First Amendment

By: Joseph Brown, Staff Member

The U.S. Forest Service manages hundreds of National Forests and Wilderness Areas, nearly 30% of America’s federal lands.[i] Each year, millions of Americans visit areas under USFS protection to camp, picnic, sightsee, and enjoy nature. However, a new proposed regulation may have a significant impact on those who want to snap pictures in designated wilderness areas.[ii] 

The new rule requires a permit for any photography that “uses models, sets, or props that are not a part of the site’s natural or cultural resources.”[iii] Failure to obtain the proper photography permit could result in up to $1,000 per unpermitted photo.[iv] The proposed rule has provoked an outcry that it would violate the First Amendment.[v]

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski called the regulation “just one example of the kind of federal overreach that comes when we lock up our public lands in wilderness designations.”[vi] Wyoming Senator John Barasso called the rule “a direct violation of Americans’ First Amendment rights.”[vii] In reaction to the uproar, the USFS tried to clarify the rule and pacify public outcry in a news release, promising that “[t]he proposal does not apply to news coverage… [or] gathering information for a news program or documentary”.[viii] USFS Chief Tom Tidwell told the press that the agency “remains committed to the First Amendment.”[ix]

While the Supreme Court has not yet specifically defined the First Amendment protection afforded to certain types of photography, some courts have suggested that private recreational non-communicative photography is not fully protected by the First Amendment.[x] Others have said that photography only falls within the purview of First Amendment protection when it has both a message to be communicated and an audience to receive that message.[xi] Nonetheless, the proposed regulation is not very well taken among the American public.[xii]

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