Welcomes the 2010-2011 KJEANRL Editorial Board

Over the past two evenings the current Editorial Board interviewed dozens on talented staffers to place on next year's board. After tough deliberations we have decided on 13 individuals for next year. One decision of note for online readers is that we have selected two individuals as Online Editors to work specifically on the blog. We hope that in the future this will increase the quality and content of the blog! Congrats to the new board!

Editor in Chief
Kyle Hermanson

Executive Editor
Jessica Drake

Technical Editor
Anthony Cash

Articles Editors
Addison Schreck
Stephanie Wurdock

Notes Editors
Zach Greer
Zach Becker

Comments Editors
Matt Cocanougher
Mattea Carver Van Zee

Online Editors
Kim Coghill
Tanner James

Production Editor
Bryan Henley

Administrative Editor
Ramsey Groves