New Year, New Apperance

Welcome Readers,

After the Summer hiatus, the KJEANRL Blog is officially back with a new look and new administration. Kim Coghill and Tanner James will be taking over as the Online Editors, striving to build on the foundation laid by former Production Editor, Mark Rouse. This blog was Mark's vision, and our goal is to grow it with the same passion that he had while constructing it.

Before the regular entries begin in earnest, however, we must take care of the first order of business--welcoming the newest members of the Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Law:

  • Sarah Baker

  • Roger Battison

  • Bethany Baxter

  • Laurel Benson

  • John Carter

  • Rose Connolly

  • Chris DeAgano

  • Stephen Frazier

  • Erin Fulkerson

  • Rebecca Griffin

  • Kelli Hagan

  • Hugh Derek Hall

  • Bradley Harn

  • Nathan Harris

  • Ashley Hawk

  • Chris Henderson

  • Nathan Kolb

  • Brad Larkin

  • Steve Neace

  • Ashley Payne

  • Chad Riney

  • Bess Rives

  • Peter Rottgers

  • Ena Viteskic

  • Whitney Waters

  • Litany Webster

Congratulations to all of our new members!

The Fall semester begins Tuesday, August 24th, so expect new entries to follow promptly. We're all looking forward to having another great year and providing you with coverage of the latest legal developments in the equine, agriculture, and natural resource fields.

- KJEANRL Online Editors