2010 Annual Banquet and Awards!!!

Tonight both KJEANRL and the Kentucky Law Journal celebrated the year with a banquet and awards ceremony. Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John Minton was the keynote speaker and discussed judicial independence. The speech also focused on discussing the history of Kentucky's unified court system and how this ties into the concept of judicial independence.

The following staff members won awards for outstanding service to KJEANRL this year:
Best Comment: Matt Cocanougher

Best Note: Meghan Tyson

Outstanding Third Year Staff Member: Jen Parker

Outstanding Second Year Staff Member: Stephanie Wurdock

Staff Assistant April Brooks was honored for her assistance in helping both law journals get published. Mrs. Brooks started working for the University in November and stepped right into her role with a positive attitude and great initiative that both journals greatly appreciate.

Faculty Advisor Mark Kightlinger was honored for providing guidance in shifting the focus of our law journal. Additionally, he provides numerous topic ideas for blog posts which are greatly appreciated.

Though they were not honored at the banquet I would like to thank Assistant Online Editors Zach Becker and Kim Coghill who have assisted me in ensuring that the blog maintains a consistent production schedule. They both make up assignments and hand them out to staff members on a weekly basis. The pieces are then edited by both of them and given to me for review. Without their hard work this blog would not be possible.

Also Administrative Editor Anna Girard deserves accolades. She assigns all blog posts to staff members and helps ensure that all assignments are received in a timely fashion.

Congrats everybody on a great year!